BO$$ COHEN is a successful American Entrepreneur from New York who has lived all over America. Considering his life is so interesting, unique & entertaining, he has created The BO$$ COHEN PODCAST. The podcast discusses Sports, Nightlife, Politics & Life.

VICE: Sports

BO$$ COHEN is a Yankees, Knicks, Buccaneers, Kings, Gators & St. John’s fan. He owns very successful Sports Handicapping businesses; Baseball Investments & Sports Money Machine with over 500 clients. His expertise is Baseball, and most recently he gave his clients the Washington Nationals to win the 2019 World Series in August at 22/1 odds! He also owns Boss Sports Cards & the softball brand, League Night Hero. The show will discuss all sports discussions, debates & news.

VICE: Nightlife

BO$$ COHEN is an award winning hospitality expert. He has owned, operated, consulted, marketed for over 300 Nightclubs, Bars, Adult Clubs, Restaurants & Hotels in over 40 North American Cities. The show will discuss Nightlife, Restaurants, Hotels, Strip Clubs, Music & more.

VICE: Politics

BO$$ COHEN is an American Patriot, who can very well become a successful politician if he chooses to enter that field. Although America is not perfect, he believes in the concept of freedom. He believes in the American flag, what it stands for, and those who gave the ultimate sacrifice for freedom. The show will discuss the most controversial topics such as Abortion, Racism, The Economy, Homelessness, Animal Rights, Current & Past Politicians, & many other political topics. BO$$ COHEN is a firm believer in bringing people together & UNITY.

VICE: Life

From Gangster movies to new Netflix shows to being vegan the BO$$ Vice show will feature all sorts of discussions & news.